Zašto Izabrati Trening Usavršavanja?

Danas, pod terminom poželjnih obrva, pomislimo na one obrve koje su savršene u formi, i koje pored lica i usana, predstavljaju bitan faktor u neverbalnoj komunikaciji.

Potreba za konstantnim unapređenjem, za preciznijim i boljim radom je često prisutna u pojedincima koji imaju potrebu da se stalno razvijaju i povećavaju svoje znanje.

Vaša Microblading edukacija i trening ne moraju da stanu u trenutku kada dobijete svoj PhiBrows sertifikat.

PhiBrows Perfection has been designed as an advanced course for PhiBrows Student who wish to improve their skills, get additional knowledge and practice after obtaining the title of PhiBrows Artist and Royal Artist. Part of the passion for the PhiBrows method is being the best in your field. And just because of that passion and dedication to the microblading craft, Nora Jakovljevic offers you an opportunity to continue your education through her PhiBrows Online Perfection training!

PhiBrows Perfection training is available only for PhiBrows students and it requires:

A certificate of attendance of Basic PhiBrows course and a PhiBrows Artist Certificate (including students who have completed Nora’s online course).

Perfection training is an excellent choice for all of those who have already obtained a title of an Artist but are not enough confident yet to work on real people and you are running into the same problems over and over again. Becoming a student and participant of a Perfection training gives you an opportunity to work all the problems out and to improve the quality of your work. You will learn very important about the skin and its functions, various skin diseases, hygiene after treatment, pressure, and much more that will help you in your further work. You will be provided with high-quality support of our PhiMaster, who is always there to solve any doubts and answer all the questions you need, and of course, guide you through the training itself.

PhiPerfection course is an intensive online course with 3 months of continuous support, focused on fixing mistakes and working on your technique, using our unique learning app – Craft Master. It allows you to master new skills and to perfect them in a certain area (of your choice). This course will help you to overcome the problems that artists face in this field.

This course can be enrolled anytime – from the comfort of your home. Lectures are available 24/7 in the app, so you chose the time when you are ready to practice and learn.

Be sure that your Master, Nora Jakovljevic, will be guiding you through this process, taking care of any of your questions and making sure that you are making proper progress, improving your skills and technique.

All participants are given Microblading Perfection Kit. The kit is intended for students, but all of the products inside are used by certified artists and masters, alike. The starter kit, that is provided to all students on Online and Live courses contains enough material to support the Training.

PhiPerfection kit includes:

  • Stroke Marker 1pc
  • PhiBrows Marker Pen 1pc
  • PhiShield Skin Candy 50 pcs
  • Disposable tool 3pcs
  • Latex 3pcs
  • Anti shock 2pcs

What you will learn on this course:

  • Drawing the eyebrow accoording to the face shape
  • Diverse skin types
  • Post-treatment care
  • Re-doing old work
  • Drawing spine patterns – hair disposition (Asian spine, Upper Spine, S Pattern)

Upon the completion of the course, students who meet all the criteria and fulfill all conditions according to PhiAcademy standards, will receive a valuable Certificate of attendance of PhiPerfection training.

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Besplatne Konsultacije

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