Why should you choose online courses?

We are taking it a one step further by offering Online PhiBrows Microblading course that takes you through a step-by-step process of the way Nora practices the Microblading procedure.  This is another way how PhiMaster Nora is revolutionizing eyebrows, through its online community.

The Microblading online course gives to all registered students an opportunity to follow an online education about PhiBrows.

A structured online microblading training is a virtual microblading certification course for beginners. Students are motivated to share their work online and access resources uploaded by other students. I Inside these virtual meeting grounds, they also tend to support each other with their experience and best practices.

Students who choose this type of training rely on themselves and the online material that is provided by us. It includes videos, guides, audio instructions, and text, to learn the basics of microblading. All you have to do is pay the fee, get the health and medical certificates required by your state while you wait for your kit to arrive, and you can begin your online training. All of this from the comfort of your home. This is often achieved through a learning app called Craft Master.

Students usually have a limited timeframe in which they can complete the course. In the case of PhiBrows online training limit is 2/4/6 months from the moment they first access the Craft Master microblading app.

After we have introduced you to the core of Online Microblading Course, the next step is pointing out all the benefits that come with becoming a participant of this course.

  • Benefits of being a part of Online Microblading Course:

Online microblading trainings are popular for two major reasons. The first one is the lower price, while the second one is better time management.

The price of online microblading training is always cheaper than actual live training. When it comes to the online course, the price of the course is the only thing you’re paying, and there are no hidden fees or extra purchases you will need to make.

You receive an app or access to a website, and all you have to do is follow the instructions and videos, learn and practice. Once you have had enough practice, you will have to find volunteers to be your models to practice on real skin.

Additionally, you cut costs on travel and accommodation expenses by staying and learning from home.

Everythg you are required to do to pass the certification course can be achieved from the comfort of your home, online and for free. You will communicate with your instructors via messages and emails, all you are required to have is a stable access to Internet. Also, an important feature is that by using the Craft Master Application you’re provided with 24/7 guidance and support by your Master, who is here to point out your mistakes in order to learn how to the them perfectly.

The second great feature of online courses is the fact that you can learn at your own pace.

This helps out people who have to spend a lot of time focusing on different things. If you have a job you can’t quit just yet, or you go to school, or you have children, the ability to pause your microblading training really comes in handy.

This feature is also well-suited for established professionals, who offer different beauty services during their working hours. They usually only want to expand their offer into microblading, and can’t afford to travel to receive their training. They choose to learn online because it helps them stay on top of their business and invest in a new lucrative venture.

Many students choose online training also because they are more suited to learning on their own. They can concentrate more easily and motivate themselves better if they determine how they will learn.

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