What is

NanoRemoval Technique?

NanoRemoval is an technique that works on the surface, which means there will be less damage to the skin, less irritation and fastest results, with rapid healing and without risks of scarring.

The NanoRemoval technique, with its combination of products, begins to work almost immediately after the first transition over the surface of an old eyebrow tattoo or permanent makeup, the pigment moves through the layers of skin towards the surface, forming a mild crust. The crust will peel naturally, removing unwanted eyebrow tattoo pigment or permanent makeup.

How is NanoRemoval Technique

different from others?

NanoRemoval is a new technique, which aims to remove unwanted pigments from the skin. This is a non-invasive technique, which is done according to the principle Feather technique, meaning that no anesthetic is required for this technique.

Feather technique is very soft, which means we have less skin damage, less irritation and much faster results, with very fast and good healing without scarring.

NanoRemoval is performed by movement with the machine on the surface of the skin, only on the first layer of skin (epidermis), because when they would work on deeper and move to another layer of skin (dermis), it would cause much bleeding, scarring, infection …

This opens the skin sufficiently for further procedure, without questioning the appearance of scars. Enzyme Power and Light S is a product which breaks down pigment and pulls it to the surface with the help of lymph.

In this brows technique we have 6 different ways to remove pigment.

After this treatment, no scabs are formed, only slight skin dandruff can occur.

Nora Jakovljevic

NanoRemoval Courses

If you wish to master NanoRemoval technique we offer online, live and individual courses.

The NanoRemoval courses last one day and the number of students is limited.

Each course consists of a theoretical part and a practical part done on a model with a Master’s assistance. 

This technique requires the use of a dermograph. Inside the set, you will also find synthetic leather for practicing the correct movement of the machine, in order to make the best use of the new NanoRemoval technique.

All participants will have free access for 6 months to our Craft Master platform, which includes all the theoretical parts, photos and videos. Craft Master course is based on multiple levels, video tutorials, photos and informative texts. All the work that you will send will be monitored by Master.

Each student will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

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