Why should you invest in PhiBrows Microblading Course?

If you are passionate about beauty, and if your also interested in improving your skills, there is no better place to start your business than the cosmetics industry. In both cases, your passion for beauty will drive you to succeed. It may even position you at the very top of the business. Becoming a microblading artist is a career where with all the techniques, methods and makeup available today, you really can develop your own style and profit from your skills.

Especially when it comes to the world known technique of Microblading.

Microblading is a technique of semi-permanent makeup that with delicate cuts achieves a natural look in the eyebrow field. It pulls its roots from ancient days in Asia and their tradition of embroidery, and therefore Microblading is often called the Japanese method of drawing eyebrows.

It’s a type of semi-permanent technique that through manual process of inserting pigment into the skin, creates the desired fullness and the shape of the eyebrows that give a 100% natural look. We like to call it an architecture of the brow because it is precisely the creation of the best shape for any person with a completely adjusted and personalized approach to each client.

Sometimes this might sound frightening, but all cosmetic professionals were once students, too. When it comes to how the microblading skills are learned, over 78% of past students chose some form of training to get certified.

The first step in becoming a successful microblading artist is getting certified. Working towards a certification opens you up to a high level of craftsmanship desired by clients.

To achieve this you will have to invest time and energy into education and practice (and even more practice). Apply for our 2-day microblading training or our microblading training online and get the knowledge you need. Constant education gives you an edge in terms of both knowledge and application, while practice develops your skills into a signature style. In an industry with so many service providers, this level of professional dedication makes you stand out from the competition and get noticed.

And all that you can find at PhiMaster Nora Jakovljevic’s Courses. Her classes prepare students for the certification made according to PhiBrows standards.

  1.  How Much Does a Live or Online Microblading Training Cost?

The answer to this question may vary, depending on several aspects.   A lot depends on your location since there can be a lot of microblading training instructors offering the same service in the same area. A lot also depends on the quality of training that is being offered, and what is included in the price.

Microblading Training held by Phi Master Nora Jakovljevic offers 2-day course where you will learn the the art of Microblading from the scratch and dive into the world of beauty.

The first thing every course must include is a Microblading Kit.

The starter/standard/premium kit, that is provided to all students on Online and Live courses contains enough material to support the Training.

According to this Microblading Training, either Liver or Online, is actually a chance to learn, gain skills and make profit. Sounds amazing? It actually is.

Also one of the additional benefits for including in Microblading Live and Online Courses is Craft Master Application. PhiBrows Microblading students receive access to the Crafta Master Microblading app and future support.

As part of the live course, you also get eleven levels of theoretical and practical knowledge, one-on-one demonstrations, a live model to practice your skills, tips, tricks, and best practices when it comes to starting your microblading business. All of this is covered by the commission fee.

A bold, confident brow is just a few brush strokes and secrets away.
I invite you all to leave your comfort zone and dive into the artistic world of microblading with me.
Let’s create masterpieces together!

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